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Q: Why do I see different prices on the site for the same cell phone?
Phone pricing is affected by several factors including region, provider/carrier, plan and contract length, whether you’re an existing customer or signing up for a new contract. There are also a number of different discount promotions, mail-in rebates and coupons that can affect pricing.

Q: Why do I have to pay sales tax if I bought a free cell phone?
We are required by law to ensure that sales tax is collected, if necessary. When sales tax is applicable for your order it will be displayed on the order confirmation screen. When products are fulfilled directly by our valued referral partner, final sales tax will be determined and added to your order before shipment.

Q: What is a processing fee?
A processing fee is a minimal one-time charge added to certain orders that require more manual intervention to fulfill. The fee will appear in a customer’s cart once a product has been selected. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best prices, so we only apply this fee to orders that cost us more to process.

Mail-In Rebates

Q: What are the different types of mail-in rebates?
Wirelessdealsnow uses 3 different types of mail-in rebates; our own, carrier and manufacturer rebates. These rebates will change month to month.

Q: What paperwork is needed to redeem rebates?
All rebates have unique requirements but you will usually need a copy of your packing slip (found inside the box), the gray UPC sticker off the box, copy of the rebate form and a copy of your third or fourth month carrier bill.

Q: Why do I have to wait to submit and receive my rebate?
The carriers require customers to have an active account for at least four months before they will pay us. We take a portion of what the carriers pay us and return it to our customers in the form of rebates. So if a customer doesn't stay active, we don't get paid, and if we don’t get paid, you don't get the rebate. The customer and wirelessdealsnow both win when accounts stay active and rebates get paid.

Products & Services

Q: Why can't I get certain cell phones in my area?
On our website, we only display the cell phones and plans that are available in your area. The service we can offer in a particular area are dependent upon your billing zip code and Alltel Wireless. For your convenience, all of our product detail pages list product availability and approximate delivery times. Please note that while most products ship directly from the wirelessdealsnow.com distribution center; some products will ship directly from our referral partners. Please see our customer service policy for more information.

Q: Do you offer cell phone insurance?
Yes at this time we sell insurance thru Alltel Wireless, see the insurance tab for more details.

Q: What are prepaid plan options?
Prepaid options allow you to purchase a pre-set amount of minutes without signing a contract. Learn all about prepaid by clicking this link.

Q: Can I recycle my cell phone and accessories through you?
Yes, you can recycle practically any cell phone and accessory through our Recycle Program and earn credits towards your next purchase.

General VZWNow.com Information

Q: What is Wirelessdealsnow’s relationship with Alltel Wireless?
VZWNow.com and Cellular Services are an authorized Agent for Alltel Wireless.

Q: I thought I placed my order with a different company? So, who is Cellular Services?
Cellular Services was founded in 1992 and is privately held company headquartered in Pensacola, Florida. It owns and operates wirelessdealsnow.com, its distribution centers and activation center which are also located in Pensacola, Florida. The wirelessdealsnow.com consumer site provides a full line of cellular telephones, smart phones and data cards that are approved for Alltel wireless The user-friendly site features comparison and quick search tools to help people choose the cell phone that best suits their needs, identify calling plans in their area, and select appropriate accessories all at a great price.

Q: How do I extend my existing contract that is about to end?
If you want to purchase a new phone to use with your Alltel wireless number by extending your contract, we may be able to help. Use the link labeled "Upgrade Your phone". You will be asked for information that will allow us to check your eligibility status on your existing cellular number. We will then contact you and review your options. Make sure that you list the billing address where you receive your current Alltel wireless monthly bill or statement and that you are the account holder.

Q: How do I get a new cell phone if I already have a plan and do not qualify for an upgrade?
If you want to purchase a new cell phone to use with your existing wireless service, we can help. Review the cellular phones listed on the site, choose the model that you are interested in and select purchase. Certain Smart Phones require specific rate plans, if this is the case one of our customer service representatives will contact you directly and review your options.

Order Fulfillment

Q: How do you fulfill your orders?
Activation orders:

  • Your information is submitted to the carrier for a credit check
  • If the carrier requires a deposit, you will need to pay the deposit
  • Once the credit check is completed, we submit the request to the carrier to activate your new equipment
  • Once the activation is complete and the carrier assigns a cell phone number, we will bill your credit card and ship your order

Equipment-only orders:

  • We will get your equipment
  • Next, we bill your credit card and ship the order
  • NOTE: For the protection of our customers, we routinely review orders to minimize fraud. We may contact you before your order is shipped for identity verification. Rest assured that we take every precaution to ensure your critical information is kept private and secure.

    Q: Why do you need my personal information? How do you make sure my information is secure?
    VZWNow.com is committed to protecting your privacy and providing a secure shopping environment. We use the personal information you supply to process your order and make your shopping experience more enjoyable. By using the latest in secure transaction technologies and practicing a strict privacy policy, VZWNow.com strives to protect your personal information. See our Privacy & Security page for more information.

    Q: Why do you need my credit card? What payment options do I have?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. At this time, we are unable to accept checks or money orders. While we do accept debit cards as payment, please be aware that the funds will be on hold in your account for the full amount of your order. If you chose to cancel your order before it is shipped, VZWNow.com will not bill your debit card. However, each bank determines when the funds on hold will be released, ranging from within 24 hours to 7 days later.

    Q: Whom do I pay? Wirelessdealsnow? Alltel Wireless? What’s the difference between "equipment billing" and "service billing"?
    Products purchased from VZWNow.com may be fulfilled/billed by VZWNow.com or Cellular Services. Unless otherwise noted, service providers will bill you directly for the service plan(s) we have initiated on your behalf (their charges include recurring service plan charges and related taxes/fees). During your contract period, your service provider will send you monthly statements reflecting your combined connection and airtime usage. For your reference, your order confirmation and receipt will state both "current charges" and "service charges" made by the billing party. For questions about your VZWNow.com bill, please contact Customer Service. If you have questions regarding monthly billing from your service provider, please contact the provider directly. Refer to our Manufacturer/Carrier page for contact information.

    Q: What does a credit check mean?
    By signing-up for wireless service, you are asking a service provider to extend you a line of credit. Besides your name and billing address, service providers require information such as birth date, social security number, employer name, and driver's license to evaluate your credit. VZWNow.com encrypts this information prior to sending it to Alltel Wireless and does NOT share this information with other parties. This data is deleted from our database as soon as your credit check is complete.

    Q: How will I be updated as to the status of my order?
    You will receive an e-mail from VZWNow.com confirming your order once all steps have been completed that provides you with order status.

    Q: What if I change my mind after I placed the order or if a mistake was made on my order?
    If we make an error with your order, please notify us right away (within 3 days of receiving your shipment). We will remedy the mistake and send the correct product. In the rare circumstance where the product is no longer available, we will help you select an alternative option or credit your account. If we sent you more products than you ordered, please notify Customer Service and return the additional quantity. Please notify us within 3 days or you will be billed for the additional equipment, even if you didn't order it.

    Q: How soon will I receive my order?
    We have unique shipping methods based on the type of product that you order. Please note we do not ship any products until the order is processed. This means items that are applicable for free two-day shipping will not actually be shipped until the order has been processed. This can take up to two extra days depending on when you placed the order. Here are our basic shipping guidelines:

Product Type:

Usually Ships:

Accessories and un-activated cell phones

Same day

Cell Phones with plan

Within 24 hours

Orders with requests to transfer your existing number from another carrier

Within 24 - 48 hours

Q: Where is the best place to ship to?
The most reliable destination is one that matches your billing address, but we can ship a product wherever you request.

Q: How do I track my shipment?
Once you have received shipment confirmation, you may check the status of your delivery at:

  • DHL shipments:
    1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345)
  • FedEx shipments:
    1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339)
  • UPS shipments:
    1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)

Q: Under what circumstances will my order be delayed?
We try to fulfill your order as soon as it is placed. However, sometimes delays with orders that involve activated equipment are usually related to credit check information that needs to be re-verified by the carrier. You can help expedite the order by reviewing your info before submitting an order and by including a daytime contact number where you can be reached. And check on-line/e-mail for status update.

Here are the most common reasons why we may need to contact you before shipping your order:

  • You ordered a new activation, but you already have an account with the carrier
  • Credit check info is incomplete or mistyped
  • Carrier requires additional identity verification
  • Carrier requires a deposit
  • The service plan you selected is no longer available


  • For our customer's protection, we may need to verify your credit card/identity
  • Your products are backordered

If we are aware that an item is out-of-stock when you place your order, you will receive a backorder notification at "Checkout". You then have the option to proceed with your purchase or remove the back-ordered product from your shopping cart and select an alternate product. If you decide to place an order for a back-ordered product, we will not bill your credit card until that product is shipped to you. If we discover that an item is out-of-stock after you have placed your order, we will update you (via telephone or e-mail) on the out-of-stock status and the date we expect to have product available.

Q: How will I be notified if I need to pay a deposit? Who do I pay and how do I get my money back?
You will receive an e-mail from our Customer Service team informing you that a deposit is necessary and how to proceed.

Number Portability

Q: Can I keep my existing cell phone number and if so, do you handle the transfer?
Yes, VZWNow.com makes the process of transferring your cell phone number to your new cell phone easy! During your checkout process simply check the checkbox that's labeled "Keep my number" and we will prompt you for the information required. Do not cancel your number with your existing carrier before VZWNow.com ports that number over from the existing carrier.

Guarantees, Returns & Exchange Policies

Q: What if I don’t like the equipment?
Our 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee and our 7-day Money Back Guarantee allow you to return any equipment purchased online within the timeframe of the guarantee.

Q: What if my equipment or service doesn't work or if I was activated on the wrong plan?
You can return your product as long as it complies with our 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee and/or our 7-day Money Back Guarantee.

Q: How does the returns & exchange process work?
Our 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee and our 7-day Money Back Guarantee allow you to return any equipment purchased online within the timeframe of the guarantee. To ensure that your return is processed correctly and that you are properly credited, please follow these instructions:

  1. Call Customer Service at 1-800-850-1558 to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Be prepared to provide our customer service representative with your name and order ID number located on the packing slip.
  2. Write the RMA # on the original packing list and on the outside of the shipping carton. All items that are received without a valid RMA # will be refused.
  3. Refer to the RMA e-mail we will send you to be sure that all original items are included with your return. You may be billed for any missing or damaged items.
  4. Box the product(s), include all the original packaging, any included accessories, a copy of the original packing list, and mail to or drop you product off at:

    VZWNow National Fulfillment Center
    (Behind Starbucks in Gulf Breeze)
    Proper 344 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.
    Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Q: When will I get my money back?
Once we receive the returned products, we will inspect the items & credit your credit card. This process usually takes 2 business days from the day we receive the package.

Q: When will I get any new exchange products?

Once we receive and process your returned products, we will fulfill any exchanged items as soon as possible. A new order number will be created for any exchanges. Since customers purchase activated equipment at a highly subsidized price, we need to receive any returned equipment back before we can send out newly activated equipment at a subsidized price.

Technical Support After I Receive My Order

Q: Why did I get a cell phone number with an area code that’s outside my local area? How do I get a different number?
If you were assigned a number that is not in your area code  call  VZWNow.com customer support (1-800-850-1558).

Customer Service Contact

Q: Who should I contact for "order placement" vs. "order status, etc."?
You can contact VZWNow.com in several ways, whichever is most convenient for you:

Placing an order via telephone: 1-800-850-1558
Check order status online

Q: What are your hours of operation?
Monday-Friday, 9 am to  9pm (8 am to 10 EST),
Saturday 9 am to 4 pm CST (10 am to 5 pm EST),
Sunday 9 am to 5 pm CST (10 am to 4 pm EST).

Q: Who do I talk to when I call VZWNow.com?
You are talking to a VZWNow.com/Cellular Services employee based in the US when you call our Customer Service center, which is based in Pensacola, Florida.

Refer-A-Friend Program

Q: Do you have a referral program?
Yes, you can refer your friends and get $25! Simply help us get the word out about our great deals and we will give you $25. It’s easy. Enter up to five email addresses, add a personal message if you choose, and then hit submit. Each friend you refer will receive a $25 discount on their phone purchase and we will send you a $25 credit for each friend who purchases a cell phone using the VZWNow.com "Refer-a-Friend" program.